Conference Agenda

Day 1 // Sunday 18 September 2022

19.00 // Welcome Reception

Join us on Sunday evening at Yao Rooftop for drinks and an opportunity to meet your fellow delegates and speakers before the conference begins. The evening drinks reception is sponsored by   JPGL

Day 2 // Monday 19 September 2022

09.00 // Welcome to Bangkok
Neil Jackson | Chief Executive | Triangle Management Services

09.05 // The Epic Postal Perspectives

Within this classic primary panel, we will discover new insights and innovations from leaders of significant national posts. Following some difficult times, and with a world of great demand our Post and Parcel sector is constantly transforming to facilitate the requirements of a modern and high demanding consumer audience.

Moderator: Gavin Macrae | Chairman | Postal & Logistics Consulting Worldwide (PLCWW)

09.10 // Challenges of the Post-Pandemic Future from Postal Perspective
Ariya Thongbai | Senior Executive VP, International Business  | Thailand Post
09.30 // Pos Malaysia’s Transformation Journey
Charles Brewer | Chief Executive  Officer | Pos Malaysia
09.50 // The Postal Digital Transformation Imperative
Brody Buhler | Chief Executive Officer | Escher 

10.10 // Discussion and Q&A

10.25 // Networking Break
Refreshments are available in the showcase exhibition area, sponsored by Escher Group

10.55 //  Growth   strategies in Cross Border

Cross-border logistics has become a critical part of post and parcel business operations, and getting this right is crucial for growth. This panel will discuss topical industry trends like tackling challenges and regulations that accompany cross continental trade, and we’ll witness cross border discussion from across South East Asia and the wider world.

Moderator: Gavin Macrae | Chairman | Postal & Logistics Consulting Worldwide (PLCWW)

11.00 // Emirates Post –  Gateway to the Middle East
Peter Somers | Chief Executive Officer | Emirates Post

11.20 // Ever Increasing Data Demands in a Highly Regulated Cross-Border eCommerce World
Rob Dundas | Business Development Director | Hurricane

11.40 // ECMS Express – A high- end Courier Alternative Competing in a Volume- Driven Market 
Yvonne Cao | Managing Director | ECMS Express

12.00 // Discussion and Q&A

12.15 // Networking Lunch
Buffet lunch to be served in the showcase exhibition area, sponsored by Emirates Post

13.25 // how are emerging technologies changing the delivery  game?

This panel will cover the application of cutting-edge technologies across the postal network. From APIs, Data analytics to IoTs, our speakers will divulge how their innovative electric and automated delivery approaches are paving the way towards a more efficient e-commerce supply chain.

Moderator: David McGrath | Group Marketing Director |  Jersey Post 

13.30 // It’s Time for DDP. How Zonos Can Help You Calculate, Collect, and Remit Duty and Taxes
Clint Reid | Founder & CEO | Zonos

13.50 // Increasing End-to-End Transparency in Supply Chain Processes Using AI & Data Driven Systems
Waqas Khalid Obeidy | Chief Innovation Officer | TheLorry

14.10 // Navigating Crisis: Balancing Innovation and Resilience
Kevin Zhang | Founder & CEO | Inteluck

14.30 // Emerging Technologies – Bridging The Gap
Atul Bhakta | Group Chief Executive Officer | One World Express

14.50 // Empowering the unserved & underserved market with digitalisation of postal platform
Clarence Leong | Chief Executive Officer | EasyParcel

15.10 // Discussion and Q&A

15.25 // Networking Break
Refreshments are available in the showcase exhibition area, sponsored by Open Pricer

15.55 // Examining the Challenges Caused by Global Disruption

Challenges continue to arise in global trade driven by a steady decline in goods coming out of China, due to COVID-19 related lockdowns and unexpected supply chain disruptions. The cost of shipping, air freight and demands for alternative transport modes/routes have also significantly increased thanks to global unrest. In this panel, we will get an overview of how the post and parcel industry has navigated these everchanging obstacles.

Moderator: David McGrath | Group Marketing Director | Jersey Post

16.00 //  Asendia’s Latest Options in the Global Disruption Challenges 
Lionel Berthe | Head of Asia Pacific | Asendia

16.20 //  Avoid Delays & Penalties with Automated Compliance Control
Egon Veermae | Chief Operations Officer | Eurora

16.40 // Navigating High Inflation through Improved Pricing
Daniel Rueda | Founder & CEO | Open Pricer

17.00 //  How Omniva has Managed to Withstand the Global Storms
Sven Kukemelk | VP International Division | Omniva

17.20 //  Global Postal Solutions in the Heart of Germany & Europe
Mario Patyk | Head of Business Development Cargo/Logistics  | Mitteldeutsche Airport Holding 

17.40 // Discussion and Q&A
17.55 // Conference Close

18.30 // Evening drinks reception

Join us after the conference close for a chance to unwind and continue the day’s networking over evening drinks sponsored by  One World Express

Day 3 // Tuesday 20 September 2022

09.35 // creating a booming bridge between asia & the Americas through cross border solutions

Cross border has opened many opportunities for retailers and consumers alike. As online shopping continues to soar, we are now witnessing orders made from across the globe and in this panel we will learn what operators across the Americas are doing to keep up with consumer expectations.

Moderator: Elaine Chan | VP of Sales | Escher Group

09.40 // So… What’s Changed?
Misko Kancko | Director of Global Strategy & Partnerships       | Canada Post

10.00 // Challenged by the Change: Post Pandemic Ecommerce Logistics
Rodrigo Pusso | Vice President of Sales | MailAmericas

10.20 // Discussion and Q&A

10.35 // Networking Break
Refreshments are available in the showcase exhibition area


Our presenters will discuss how their strategies have shifted to meet modern consumer requirements – from speed and convenience to technology and efficiency, the logistics world is in a constant state of evolution and company cultures are adopting new trends with the passing of every year.

Moderator: Mike Richmond | Chief Revenue Officer | Doddle

11.10 // Unlocking The Uprising of Low-Cost International Courier Express Companies
Dennis Ng | CEO & Founder | Mober

11.30 // Cultivating a Strong Internal and External Feedback Loop
Ben Lin | Managing Director  | Lalamove Thailand

11.50 // Ecommerce beyond borders —  with Ninja Van’s end  to end solutions
Shreya Bose | Regional Head, SEA Cross Border Sales | Ninja Van

12.10 // Better Strategy in the Quick Commerce Era
Saral Varavarn | Regional Lead, SaaS | Zeek

12.30 // Data, Technology and Local Knowledge  – The Key to  Scalability  and Flexibility in e-Commerce  Logistics  
Senthil Kumar | Group Head of Commercial | Janio

12.50 // Discussion and Q&A

13.05 // Networking Lunch
Buffet lunch to be served in the showcase exhibition area

14.05 // shaping the future of E-COMMERCE

In this panel, our speakers will discuss an array of opportunities and issues that come with the exponentially expanding world of e-commerce. From the impact of international cargo and how it can improve cross border dynamics, to the future of returns and the impact that the e-commerce surge has on the last mile while ensuring we meet our sustainability goals.

Moderator: James Marley | Head of Enterprise Sales | Zonos 

14.10 // Carrying the load: Passenger aircraft, the underlying  driver of future e-commerce
Kerry Davis  | Group Head of Delivery  | Teleport

14.30 // Shaping the Future of Ecommerce: Perspectives from the Last Mile 
Mark Tan | Head GeoPost SEA  | GeoPost

14.50 // Why Returns are the Future of E-Commerce
Al Gerrie | Founder and CEO | ZigZag Global

15.10 // How Correos’ International Cargo Service Boosts Cross-Border E-commerce
Eduardo Herrera | Group Chief Operating Officer | Correos

15.30 // Discussion and Q&A
15.45 // Conference Closes

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