2023 Conference Agenda

Day 1 POS Malaysia Welcome Reception // Monday 18 September 2023

Welcome Drinks Reception

19:00 // Welcome Reception sponsored by POS Malaysia

Join your fellow delegates for an evening of fine food, drink and networking sponsored by POS Malaysia. 

Day 2 // Tuesday 19 September 2023

8:30 // Registration, exhibition showcase and networking opens.
Sponsored by CCL

09:00 // Welcome to Kuala Lumpur
Tom Ross-Joannou | Managing Director | Triangle Management Services


To kick off WMX Asia 2023, we have an impressive line-up of Postal Operators ready to bring you thought provoked content. Our speakers will talk about fresh perspectives and developments to comprehend changes in consumer behaviour, methods to satisfy customer needs, boost productivity, boost efficiency, and boost our sustainability efforts to continue to modernise our operations and guarantee delivery excellence.

Chair: Gavin Macrae| Co-Founder & President, Europe | Delta Prospect

09.10 // Culture building- a foundational block of transformation
Sumesh Rahavendra| Chief Digital & Technology Officer | POS Malaysia

09.30 // Navigating the Digital Age: Making Post Relevant in a Changing World
Su Yin Neo | CEO, Singapore | SingPost 

09.50 // Delivering More Sustainable Cross-border E-commerce Logistics
Senthil Kumar | CEO, Singapore/South Asia | Asendia

10.10 // Live discussion and Q&A

10.25 // Networking Break
Refreshments are available in the showcase exhibition area, sponsored by FB Canada Express


Cross border innovation has undergone significant transformation to meeting the ever-growing and everchanging demands of consumers. Cross-border operations have become a major component of logistical operations, and success here is essential for expansion. The emergence of the digitalisation has influenced innovation processes, resulting in cross-border collaboration that is effective, lucrative, and sustainable. We will learn great recommendations and insights from industry experts who are creating and putting into practice cutting-edge, sustainable procedures and solutions to guarantee cross-border operational success.

Chair: Jason Kong | Managing Director | SF Express

11.00 // How AI-driven data solutions are transforming the global supply chain
Martyn Noble | CEO and Chairman | Hurricane Commerce

11.20 // Connecting within Southeast Asia and beyond
Jeremy Hong Jiahao | Head of Commercial, Cross Border | NinjaVan

11.40 // Tech Driven Customer Experience for Cross-Border Success
Syed Ali Ridha Madihid | Co-founder | Luwjistik

12.00 // Bet: We will have flying cars before we have fully digitalised cross-border capabilities
Pete Chareonwongsak | CEO | Teleport

12.20 // Live discussion and Q&A

12.35 // Networking buffet lunch sponsored by Zonos
Buffet lunch to be served in the showcase exhibition area


Our second cross-border session will look at how our postal operators have developed, collaborated, and diversified in recent years to suit the expanding market demands. Due to the surge in online shopping, we are witnessing orders being placed from all over the world placing pressure on the efficiency of cross-border logistics. We will hear what operators are doing to meet these customer expectations and strategies to ensure efficient cross border success.

Chair: Sid Hart| Managing Director | Asia Pacific Post Cooperative

13.40 // Cross-border expansion: exploring e-comm potential of untapped regions
Semyon Pak | Managing Director for International Business | Kazpost

14.00 // Postal operator’s must-have kit for survival within e-com industry
Sven Kukemelk | VP International Busines | Omniva

14.20 // Cross-border Postal expansion- what’s the point?
Misko Kancko | Director of Global Strategy | Canada Post

14.40 // Live discussion and Q&A

14.55 // Networking break sponsored by Canada Post
Refreshments avaliable in the exhibition showcase area.


Most, if not all, businesses, particularly those in the logistics sector, are under pressure to be more sustainable. The term sustainability has become a main focal point for both environmental and commercial benefits. Over recent years, the idea of the ‘conscious consumer’ has become more prevalent meaning that companies have even more reason to implement more sustainable solutions, ensuring they maintain competitive in today’s modern market. Our panellists will showcase how they are establishing more sustainable strategies and practices leading us to an eco-friendlier future.

Chair: Misko Kancko | Director of Global Strategy | Canada Post

15.30 // From Parcels to Purpose: Delivering Sustainable Strategies
Jarod Ho | Head of Sustainability | POS Malaysia

15.50 // A Greener Last Mile
William On | Co-founder and Joint CEO | Shippit

16.10 // How we contribute to a sustainable future for Postal and Last Mile
Peter Somers | Group CEO | Bob Eco

16.30 // Sustainability of Logistics- from SDG to ESG
Chong Swee Ng | Head of Ecommerce | PKT Logistics Group Sdn Bhd

16.50 // Live discussion and Q&A

17.05 // Conference Close

Evening drinks reception

Join us after the conference close for a chance to unwind and continue the day’s networking over evening drinks sponsored by  One World Express

Day 3 // Wednesday 20 September 2023

9:00 // Registration, exhibition showcase and networking opens.


Over the past three years, the e-commerce market has experienced a ‘boom’ and this rising trend is here to stay. This ‘boom’ in e-commerce usage and adoption has changed the way freight forwarding, warehousing, and last mile delivery operate with the supply chain. In this session, we will learn how industry leaders are using digital innovation to meet the demands of the market– from shipping regulations to the speed of arrival and returns.

Chair: Gavin Macrae| Co-Founder & President, Europe | Delta Prospect

09.35 // Cross border Ecommerce from China: opportunities and new challenges
Julio Pazo | Deputy CEO | K-Parcel

09.55 // From Tradition to Transformation: What’s next for the Postal Industry
Sid Hart | Managing Director | Asia Pacific Post Cooperative

10.15 // How the boom change customer expectations
Gennifer Fink | General Manager Asia Pacific | Zonos

10.35 // Navigating the e-Commerce Revolution: Innovations in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Bryan Yeo | Regional Key Account Director | FMX (M) Sdn Bhd

10.55 // Innovative digital payment + supply chain Solutions for brands to succeed in the emerging eCommerce markets in China and Southeast Asia
Terry Chan | Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO) |  AsiaPay

11.15 // Live discussion and Q&A

11.30 // Networking break sponsored by ZigZag Global
Refreshments avaliable in the exhibition showcase area.


Now that we are totally immersed in the world of technology, new and creative solutions are constantly being developed, offering enormous benefits for the logistics industry. The expansion of consumer demands has caused a shift in how logistics operations are managed to fulfil new business goals to satisfy these demands. We have a fantastic panel to discuss technologies that can be implemented into operations to ensure business progression and transformation to set up future success.

Chair: Peter Somers| Group CEO | Bob Eco

12.05 // Empowering Businesses to Meet Shifting Consumer Demands through Smart Logistics
Jane Teh | Managing Director | Lalamove Malaysia

12.25 // Mobilizing Businesses through a Tech-Driven Ecosystem
Teong Teck Lean | Managing Director/Group CEO | GDEX Berhad

12.45 // Managing the consumers expectations with returns
Al Gerrie | CEO | ZigZag Global

13.05 // Live discussion and Q&A

13.20 // Networking buffet lunch sponsored by One World Express
Buffet lunch to be served in the showcase exhibition area


Disruptive innovation and digital transformation are creating an influx of exciting new businesses that have or are ready to position themselves strongly within the logistics industry. Innovation in the last mile is crucial and offers positive solutions for increased customer, usability, sustainability, decreased delivery time and decreased cost. Companies must be aware of the top last-mile delivery trends, adapt to the ever-changing market, and improve customer experience to gain a competitive edge. In the last session, experts in the technology and logistics industry will be providing you with the most recent innovation, information, and guidance regarding the last mile.

Chair: Jason Kong | Managing Director | SF Express

14.25 // The Sustainability Challenges and Solutions in Frozen Food Last Mile Delivery
Dennis Ng | CEO & Founder| Mober

14.45 // The Future of Last Mile Delivery
Kennedy Wai | CEO & Founder| HelloWorld Robotics Sdn Bhd

15.05 // Transforming the Postal Industry: The Power of Digital Secured Post Boxes
Kok How Lee | Chief Executive Officer | OneView

15.25 // From Analog to Digital: The Evolution of Addressee Data
Kaur Ojakivi | Product Development Manager (Non-Postal services) | PostPlus Group B.V

15.45 // Live discussion and Q&A

16.00 // Conference Closes

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