Speaker Announcement – Kevin Zhang. Founder and CEO – Inteluck

Kevin Zhang
Founder and CEO

Kevin Zhang established the innovative logistics company Inteluck. It provides enhanced technology-driven logistics platform solutions that enable customers and supplier partners to identify and generate value on both ends by maximising logistics efficiency through the application of data, technology, and analytics.

Inteluck’s fundamental purpose is to create the most efficient, data-driven end-to-end logistics solution that improves and increases logistic efficiency by leveraging technology and data to produce value for customers and partners at the lowest possible cost. While Inteluck was founded in the Philippines in 2014, its headquarters are situated in Singapore, with activities in other Southeast Asian nations, offices in China, and expansion ambitions to Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia in 2023.

Inteluck has been named the Philippines’ Growth Champions 2022 by Statista and Inquirer. In the Philippines, revenue growth has averaged 4,587 percent, with a growth rate of 261 percent from one year to the next. Furthermore, the Financial Times named Inteluck one of the fastest-growing companies in Asia-Pacific this year. They came in 10th place among 500 companies from Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Australia, India, Indonesia, Thailand, and other countries.

In addition, Kevin Zhang has been featured in Forbes magazine’s 30 under 30 Asia-Industry, Manufacturing, and Energy 2022 list.

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